Livery Street, Leamington Spa

Commercial Fit Out

Art Gallery/Architects Studio

Livery Street, Leamington Spa

commercial fit out
Project description

Internal fit out of former fashion store to create an art gallery and architect's studio


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Rickett Architects Ltd


RIBA stages 0-7 completed



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One of the seismic shifts in the workplace following the global pandemic is that remote, or hybrid working pattern has become an accepted, even expected format for businesses and consultancies.  Consequential impact on demographic movements has also changed the fabric and vibrancy of the town centre retail sector. Rickett Architects has approached this new environment with a positive and proactive move to new premises. The project involved the strip out and refit of a former fashion store to create a collaborative space housing both the architectural studio and a retail art gallery.  The careful integration of symbiotic businesses offers a shared overhead, increased footfall and the opportunities of new collaborations with creative industries.


The space is defined by angled display walls, varied ceiling heights and a raw palette of materials. The Architects space sits centrally in the design, surrounded by and absorbed in the gallery display areas. The design incorporates break out and informal meeting spaces, allowing team members to chose their working environment, to be part of the dynamic daily interaction with visitors, or to retreat to the reserved areas for private meetings and calls.

The Strategy:

The Gallery ( is now curating a new selection of artwork, working with a selected range of artist to display exemplary work that uses light, space, form and tonal palettes to inspire and inform architectural design.

Promises to be a dynamic and inclusive space, involving the casual observer in the process and output of the art and architecture profession.

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