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A bespoke contribution

Architects are problem solvers. Their role within a design team (on larger projects) or as the project lead on smaller schemes, can expand to include assisting in land negotiations, legal difficulties, funding strategies and disposal issues.

Our practice prides itself on contributing positively to all aspects of the process, irrespective of the scale or cost of the challenge.

With a focus on client requirements and delivery, we offer a range of services to assist you in every stage of your project. Our strategy and services are bespoke for every instruction, tailored to the specific requirements of the client, site and brief.


I would definitely recommend them, especially if you want a design which is stylish and contemporary, but also in keeping with its setting.

Andrew Bowman-Shaw, Managing Director at The Tree and Woodland Company
Simple, elegant, refined

As a chartered practice, we follow the RIBA Plan of Work, organising the process into 8 stages. This allows a legible and transparent process that embeds the client into the project and ensures that clear milestones are established.

The RIBA plan of work provides a set framework for new design or construction projects:

00 Strategic Definition
01 Preparation & Briefing
02 Concept design
03 Spatial coordination
04 Technical design
05 manufacturing & construction
06 handover
07 Use

De-risking your project

(RIBA Stage 0-1)

Feasibility studies and project reviews
01 Site visits
02 Capacity studies
03 Review of financial appraisal
04 Public consultation
05 Review of biodiversity, landscape ecology and agricultural constraints
06 Review of title information
07 Review of services information
08 Review of highways and infrastructure

Planning strategies

(RIBA Stage 2-3)

Planning consultant and/or Chartered Architect led process
01 Preparation of concept designs, establishing massing/principle/attendant requirements of parking/amenity and biodiversity requirements
02 Planning strategy
03 Preparation of planning statements, detailed design drawings. Design and access statements
04 Public consultation
05 Stakeholder consultation
06 Managing design team, coordinating reports and calculation and other consultant designs
07 Submission and management of planning applications, prior approvals, certificates of lawful use etc
08 Negotiation and management of application process
09 Planning appeal advice
10 Planning appeal submission and management

Maximising return on investment

(RIBA Stage 4-7)

Technical design and expertise
01 Detailing, material and performance knowledge
02 Technical and efficiency audit of consented schemes
03 Management of design team
04 Submission of technical approvals
05 Knowledge of building regulations
06 Integration of sustainability strategies
07 Management of pre-commencement and pre-occupation planning conditions
08 Integration of legal and regulatory requirements
09 Preparation of HM compliant transfer and title plans

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